Top 8 Factors To Consider When Pricing Paver Sealing Cost?

  1. Each project is custom to your particular home or business. Every home is different. Size, current condition, site conditions, desired result all will affect the overall price.
  2. Flagler Clean & Seal has done countless hours of research of identifying the absolute best products to use in the Florida environment. While there are some great options to use, Flagler Clean & Seal has found great success with not only finding a great sealer, but a manufacturer who gives amazing customer support. For more information on the products we use please visit
  3. Along with our top of the line sealers we have chosen to use the very best detergents and sand in the industry. Unfortunately other companies will find a detergent and sand that they use as one size fits all. Using ASTM C144 standard sand will create the structure in the joint which will start to interlock the system together.
  4. Professional Equipment. Having top of the line equipment with the latest technology will ultimately benefit our customers getting the desired results they are looking for. Using inefficient or outdated equipment will keep the contractor from properly preparing the surface.
  5. Being properly licensed, insured, and company wide background checks is another factor. Flagler Clean & Seal is properly Insured, including Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Auto Insurance. Our staff is fully background checked by AskTheSeal, this gives you the peace of mind knowing you can trust the team working at your home.
  6. Planning for enough time to complete your project is one of the most important factors. Our estimators have been professionally trained to make sure they are accounting for properly diagnosing porosity(the density) of the paver or stone, they can recognize if we need to remove an existing sealer, or stains that might not be removable. Understanding the proper amount for each coat and the time between coats gives us the advantage to make sure your Pavers are sealed to the best capacity. Rushing through the 2 coat process or using too little, or too much sealer will greatly affect the outcome you are desiring.
  7. Our staff are professionally trained by the manufacturers, we stand by our work so you can rest assured the job will be done well. We continually monitor their work by measuring key metrics. We are always monitoring so we can see a possible issue and have a plan to correct before the quality of work is affected.
  8. Beyond having technicians in the field we have an amazing support system that includes, full time Office staff, and countless hours of behind the scenes work, making sure we have outstanding customer service and we are able to keep the customers satisfaction at the highest level possible.